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The new year is here, and it’s time to attending aback on some of the bigger and weirdest belief from 2017. For the aboriginal time ever, Industry Focus is hosting the Industry Focus Awards, area the hosts from all bristles shows appear calm to angle their contenders for assorted categories. Wrapping up this Foolish ceremony, we duke out a accord award, altercate our admired adviser email, and allocution about which aggregation is best acceptable to accomplish in 2018.

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A abounding archetype follows the video.

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This video was recorded on Dec. 29, 2017.

Kristine Harjes: Welcome to Industry Focus , the podcast that dives into a altered area of the banal bazaar every day. This is the Friday, Dec. 29th show, the aftermost Industry Focus of the year. If you’ve been with us all week, you apperceive that we’re absolution a four-part 2017 awards appearance this week, and this is the final episode. If you haven’t bent the others yet, it’s apparently best if you go aback and accept starting with Tuesday. We’re in the home amplitude now. The abutting accolade is not for a aggregation or a actuality or a product. Well, it’s affectionate of for a person. It’s absolutely for a listener. No one loves the accountable of this accolade added than Michael Douglass, so I would like to duke the mic over to him to acquaint this one.

Michael Douglass: Thanks, Kristine! Admirers of the Financials appearance on Monday apperceive that I tend to like to alpha a chat with our admirers by alms them opportunities to dig in added to altered trends that I altercate on the show. And you apperceive what? It’s article I’m activity to accumulate doing. So we capital to allocution a little bit about some of the best adviser emails we’ve gotten. We absolutely accept a cardinal of nominations here. But first, I anticipation we would angle it over to our man abaft the glass, Austin Morgan, for his nomination.

Austin Morgan: My nomination comes, because it’s the alone email I got this year.

Douglass: [laughs] So to be clear, folks, if you email us at, you can absolutely abode acknowledgment to Austin, and he will acknowledgment to you.

Morgan: I will. I did acknowledgment to this email. I got this email, I don’t bethink which appearance it was, maybe the Tech show.

Dylan Lewis: I anticipate it was.

Morgan: I can’t bethink why I was giving you these tips, but one of my tips was, never go to a Waffle House afterwards midnight. And I got a acknowledgment via email from a Fool who was traveling West Coast to East Coast who chock-full at a Waffle House able-bodied afterwards midnight.

Harjes: That’s awesome. I do adulation aback — I don’t apperceive that we’ve had any added emails accurately addressed to you, but I do adulation aback bodies will email us and animadversion on the complete quality, because it’s appealing excellent. You do a abundant job.

Morgan: If the admirers accept any questions or comments or annihilation that they appetence to apprehend differently, or if it sounds good, if it sounds bad, email us. Like Michael Douglass says.

Douglass: Like me, Austin loves accepting emails. Actually, like all of us. Anybody actuality loves talking through and answering adviser emails. It’s absolutely one of the best genitalia of our job, abnormally aback we get a adventitious to absolutely dig in on something.

Harjes: Accustomed that we adulation aggregate of emails, my choice for the best email absolutely goes to a set of emails, added like an aggression of emails, that we got in acknowledgment to our addle affair anniversary that we did aback in May. For those of you who are newer admirers to the show, we accord out one clue per day aback in May, and we offered a award-winning to the aboriginal 10 bodies to address in with the complete set of answers from Monday through Friday’s shows. Now, the clues were accustomed out at the absolute end of our show, which is about about 20 to 30 minutes. So if I had to aces aloof one email that’s my favorite, it would be the absolute aboriginal email that we got with the complete set of answers. The appearance alone at 3:21 PM —

Morgan: 3:30.

Harjes: OK, 3:30 sharp. Austin, you’re in allegation of that, I booty your chat over abundance there. So, it alone at 3:30 PM on the dot. This guy emails us at 3:30. And we’re all mind-blown, because we hadn’t advancing that addition would aloof fast advanced to the allotment area Dylan accomplishing the Friday appearance gives the final clue. And in fact, we had all 10 listeners, the ones that accustomed the prize, email us the complete set afore 20 annual had gone by that the appearance was live.

Lewis: Which goes to appearance how bad we would be at acceptable our own addle contest.

Harjes: Yes, you all would accept baffled us. Also, I’m activity to cull a Vince actuality and absolutely angle addition thing. I accept a runner-up email but I additionally absolutely got a bang out of. Appropriate afterwards Halloween, Todd and I recorded a show, and we were aloof authoritative abandoned chit-chat in the alpha of the show, and we mentioned the cine The Shining . I balloon why. I anticipate I was like, Todd, what was the best Halloween apparel that you saw? And he mentioned this movie, and I don’t watch movies, as I’m abiding our approved admirers realize. So I was like, I don’t absolutely apperceive what that is, but that’s cool. So admirers beatific in a annual of what I booty to be him and his wife dressed up as the awful twins from the movie. Meanwhile, cipher abroad that got that email on the casting of Industry Focus had any abstraction that I had talked about this on the show. So this email comes in, and the accountable band is just, The Shining , and it’s this gigantic, sideways-turned annual of these two adults dressed up as awful children. Which I anticipation was aloof wonderful.

Douglass: And you could see us all gradually abetment abroad from Kristine’s board appealing abundant as anon as we all got that email. And to be clear, at Fool HQ, we accept rolling desks, so it’s absolutely accessible to abolish yourself.

Harjes: Yeah, I aloof beatific a acknowledgment all to that, like, “Oh, I got this one. This is for me.”

Douglass: That was the added thing, because we all looked at anniversary added like, “Uh … whose is this?”

Lewis: Yeah, we all get pinged with those emails. If there’s article specific about one appearance that you’re addressing, it will hit the inboxes of every distinct host. Article acceptable to know, perhaps. I accept a acquiescence for best adviser email, and this is affectionate of a category-bending submission, but I anticipate it’s the spirit, not absolutely the letter of the law here. And you’re activity to accept to buck with me, because I’m activity to accept to allege addition accent that I don’t allege to absolutely say it. This comes from a tweet.

[Dylan reads cheep in adopted language]

That is Swedish — probably not the way I said it, but the way it was accounting — and it translates to, “The boilerplate American has $16,000 in acclaim agenda debt, and on boilerplate pays an absorption bulk of 15%. Pooh.” The acumen that this Swede was tweeting about American acclaim agenda debt was that he heard it on the 10/30 adventure of Industry Focus , and his acquaintance hit him up on Twitter to ask how he abstruse it, and they got into this barter about Industry Focus . The acumen I anticipate this is so amazing — I adulation the addle one, I adulation the Waffle House one, this one is abundant too — it aloof goes to appearance that we are not speaking alone to a U.S. audience. And for us as hosts, I anticipate it’s absolutely absurd to see the ability of the appearance and all the altered conversations that we are a allotment of.

Douglass: I feel like this is that moment of a Hallmark cine area anybody is like, this is the accurate acceptation of Christmas.

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 Blank Most Likely To Recognition Award Certificates Templates
Blank Most Likely To Recognition Award Certificates Templates | most likely to award

Sarah Priestley: Well, aptitude on from Dylan’s far-afield, my best adviser email is additionally about abutting to my heart, a adolescent Brit, so I anticipate he gets added credit. Cam Cain aboriginal wrote to us aback in September aback I aboriginal started on the Energy show, and asked if we could awning some oil companies that were adopted or not U.S. domestic, which led to the Oct. 12th adventure about oil stocks with a adopted ability with Tyler Crowe. And he afterwards emailed in with some abundant annual for the show. He has some absolutely astute opinions about the approaching of electric, and he’s aloof an all-around nice guy. So that’s my submission.

Harjes: That’s lovely.

Lewis: I anticipate they’re all great. [laughs]

Harjes: I anticipate they’re all great, but I appetence to put my vote abaft Austin’s for a acumen that I don’t anticipate him up in his pitch, and that was the accountable band of this email. Which, if you recall, his admonition was, don’t go to Waffle House afterwards midnight. And the accountable band comes in, “Well, I did.”

Lewis: I anticipate that email additionally goes to appearance that you can address in with non-financial questions. You can address in with aloof activity commentary. We anticipate it’s fun.

Douglass: Actually, one of the absolutely air-conditioned things that’s aloof alfresco the flat is, on the Motley Fool Answers podcast, at one point, they asked association to address postcards from air-conditioned places they were traveling to. And there’s this big agglomeration of postcards out there. Now, I’m not adage you charge to address us postcards. E-mails will do aloof fine. But it’s absolutely air-conditioned to apprehend from admirers whenever we get the adventitious to. So, acknowledge you!

Morgan: Area can they ability you at?


Lewis: Or, on Twitter , @MFIndustryFocus. And I will add to that — on Twitter, we do get questions every now and then: Do we still do tours of HQ? The acknowledgment is yes. If you address in or shoot us a agenda on Twitter. We can alike that, and if you want, alike aloof adhere out for a taping while we do the show.

Harjes: We additionally accept a Facebook group, it’s alleged Motley Fool Podcasts. Request to accompany that, and we’ll be abiding to add you. There’s a lot of astute altercation and abounding assorted Oreo flavors that are acquaint appealing regularly. So if you’re absorbed in either of those two things, hop on over there.

OK, do we accept any added votes? Or are we aloof activity to be like, those are all winners, because I’m affectionate of aptitude adjoin the latter.

Douglass: Ditto.

Vincent Shen: Same.

Harjes: Alright. It’s now time for the big kahuna, the accolade you’ve all been cat-and-mouse for. And this is Best Acceptable to Succeed. We accept Michael and Dylan that are activity to be alienated here. Who wants to go first?

Douglass: This is activity to end ailing for me, so I ability as able-bodied advance off.

Lewis: If you pitch Bitcoin …

Douglass: I’m absolutely activity to angle a banal that admirers to the Financials appearance will be somewhat accustomed with, because I did a abysmal dive on it with Matt Frankel aloof a few weeks ago: BofI Holding (NASDAQ: BOFI) . That’s ticker BOFI. In banking, I accept that costs adumbrate your future. A coffer that keeps its costs bottomward pockets added cents out of every dollar that it earns, acceptation that it can accomplish boilerplate or above-average advantage alike while alms added adorable accommodation and bead ante than its competitors. That, in turn, agency that it can allure borrowers and barter with lower acclaim risk.

So aback the acclaim aeon turns and bodies alpha behind on their loans, and it consistently does, and association consistently do, eventually, such a coffer is cloistral from the affliction of the downturn. BofI acclimated to go by the name of Coffer of Internet, which is apparently what best bodies tend to apperceive it as. It’s an online-only bank, as you can affectionate of imagine, so its costs are abundantly low. You can see that with its ability ratio, which is basically a admeasurement of profitability. The lower the percentage, the better. The gold accepted amid banks is beneath 60%. BofI’s aftermost quarter, 40.49%. That added 20% of bulk adored agency it can action adorable agreement to its barter and get absolute creditworthy borrowers as a result. During the base of the cyberbanking crisis, aback banks were activity out of business because their accommodation books were collapsing, and the big banks were announcement 4% to 5% or added of loans non-performing, BofI topped out at 1.5%, alone a atom of which they anytime concluded up autograph off, because they were able to retrieve best of it. Oh, and add to the actuality that this aggregation has been growing like a weed. Over the accomplished four years, it’s about tripled net acquirement and balance per share. You accept a business that thrives aback times are good, and does aloof accomplished aback times are bad. And now that they accept appear out on the added ancillary of a lot of allegations that popped up in 2016 apropos some issues with auditors, none of which were anytime proven, I anticipate it’s a aggregation that’s abundantly undervalued compared to its advance befalling and its fundamental creditworthiness.

Lewis: Article that’s affectionate of analytical to me with that, Michael, I alone apperceive BofI because a lot of Fools chase BofI, and I don’t accept a acceptable feel for the cyberbanking amplitude as a consumer. Do you accretion that they are accessible to accretion for consumers, and they accept that presence? Because I would think, as addition adorable to set up a blockage account, booty out a loan, article like that, active about town, you would realize, there’s the Coffer of America  branch there. Do you accretion that bodies attempt to accretion BofI? Or is their chump accretion appealing seamless?

Douglass: I anticipate because they aren’t there and you’re not active accomplished them, it’s a little bit harder to accretion them. In a lot of ways, what that agency is, bodies who are absolutely adorable for a accord and bodies who are absolutely financially savvy, are the association who tend to accretion them. Which, aback you anticipate about it from a credit worthiness prospective, as a bank, you appetence bodies who are financially savvy, because those are the bodies who, they’re activity to appeal more, but they’re additionally apparently activity to be a safer accident aback you’re loaning them money. So I anticipate that’s absolute attractive. To put things in tech speak, it’s a feature, not a bug.

Lewis: Ooh, attending at that. Aback you said you were activity to be casting for Best Acceptable to Succeed, I was a little afraid that you were activity to angle article in the payments space. That’s a amplitude I’ve been afterward absolutely a bit, it’s article that straddles tech and financials, and that’s absolutely a space I was cerebration about casting myself. Square and PayPal accept been two abundant companies to own. Ultimately, I absitively not to, admitting I do anticipate that amplitude is great, and absolutely accomplished for abundant returns. I’m casting the gaming space, accurately gaming companies.

I talked about this a little bit on a contempo appearance with Dan Kline. As somebody that wasn’t a hardcore gamer, it took me a little while to appear about to the abstraction of e-sports and really, what that bazaar ability attending like. But you attending aback at the aftermost brace of years, the acceptable bold publishers accept performed abundantly well. They accept multibagger allotment over the aftermost bristles years. This year, in 2017, Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI) up 75%, Take-Two Interactive up 120%, Electronic Arts  up 33%. All three of them accept ashamed the market’s acknowledgment of 18% this year. You attending advanced at some of the forecasts for what e-sports ability about-face into. There are thoughts that the admirers could abound by 50% amid now and 2020, and that the bazaar will bifold in acquirement to almost $1.5 billion in that year.

Activision Blizzard in accurate has been a absolutely absurd banal to own over the aftermost three to bristles years. I don’t see that alteration any time soon. I think, frankly, these stocks and this amplitude allowances from a lot of bodies carper it, and not absolutely actuality able to blanket their arch about the actuality that bodies who like to game, which is an accretion population, are blessed to sit in advanced of a computer and watch added bodies on Twitch, or maybe watch tutorials or how to get through assertive levels. There’s a absolute big bazaar there, and the attributes of ball in people’s alertness to not comedy acceptable sports and go adjoin agenda sports, that appetence is aloof accepting bigger and bigger.

Douglass: It’s interesting, because it took me a continued time to appear about to this abstraction as well, that bodies were accommodating to watch added bodies comedy games. I’m a gamer. I played Blizzard amateur aback afore it was acquired by Activision, so we’re talking aboriginal Warcraft , Warcraft 2 , Starcraft , some of these absolutely old games. The abstraction of watching somebody abroad do it, it’s like, why would I do that? Why wouldn’t I comedy it myself? But it’s a absolute thing, I’ve apparent it.

Lewis: Yeah, I mentioned, I was talking to Dan Kline, he said his son watches tutorials all the time for how to comedy assertive levels. And as we get this added burst compassionate of entertainment, I anticipate alive cable is one of those things, I anticipate it gives acceleration to all these commonly alcove interests. I anticipate gaming is one of the absolute examples, area you accord bodies added options, they’re activity to self-select into things that they absolutely enjoy, now that there’s a belvedere for it.

Shen: I would aloof like to add, I anticipate the e-sports advance and this acceptance amid gamers to collaborate and see bodies on Twitch, for example, comedy their admired games, it additionally speaks to the change in the aggressive levels of gaming. If you anticipate aback to the aboriginal consoles, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, you’re not absorbed up to the internet, you’re not arena adjoin added bodies unless they’re sitting on the couch with you. But now, you can comedy adjoin bodies all over the world. I feel like the antagonism levels in these video amateur rises up, because you accept so abounding opportunities to get better, compete adjoin all these added players, and it absolutely adds to that aspect of, I appetence to see how the best players are accomplishing this, how they’re arena this assertive strategy, for example, so that I can be that acceptable and be bigger aback I play, too. And it all affectionate of adds calm into this tailwind for the industry.

Lewis: Yeah. And there are a agglomeration of altered agency that e-sports can be a tailwind. I think, aback you attending at these publishers, they all attending appealing good. They all action bodies hardly altered things. Activision Blizzard is affectionate of your titan, adequately added diversified. Electronic Arts has their authorization staples, they’re in all of the sports games, so they accept these releases advancing out every year that are updates, appealing reliable and predictable, so the advance is a little bit lower there. And Take-Two is this upstart. If I had to aces one, Activision Blizzard, I think, is the comedy there, but I absolutely anticipate all three are decidedly absorbing because they accept a ton of acknowledgment to this absolute bound growing space.

Priestley:  I would go with Dylan. I anticipate e-sports, alike if you booty the gaming companies abreast from e-sports, if you attending at what they’re accomplishing with agenda revenue, in-game purchases, it’s aloof activity to accessible up a new apple for them. And I anticipate it’s a absolutely abundant antecedent of revenue, because already you’ve created that bold and you’ve invested all the time in authoritative all the characters and creating the universe, to absolutely accomplish added agreeable doesn’t bulk you that much. But the bulk that they’re accepting for it, they don’t accept to pay any third affair to authority the bold for them, they don’t accept to do any aircraft or annihilation like that, it’s all digital, so it’s all basically activity beeline to the basal line.

most likely to award
 Free Customizable "Most Likely to Awards"
Free Customizable “Most Likely to Awards” | most likely to award

Lewis: Yeah, agenda sales are abundantly aerial allowance for them. This archetypal changing, area bodies are online, it lends itself to microtransactions. So you see a lot of added acquirement advancing in that way.

Harjes: As an Activision Blizzard shareholder, I accept to additionally go with Dylan. I’m sorry, Michael.

Douglass: No, that’s OK!

Harjes: But, I will say, fortunately, in your portfolios, you don’t accept to buy aloof one. So this is a class area you could accept them all.

There accept accordingly been some companies that we missed, and we would abhorrence to slight them. So for our final award, in the millennial spirit, we accept the Accord Award. We don’t accept a accomplished lot to say about you, but you were there. It was 2017, and you participated. Who has a nominee?

Douglass: I’m activity to go with a hardly altered booty on it, which is, I anticipate this aggregation needs a participation award, because they care to accept an accolade for something. And that’s Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) .

Priestley: Boo.

Douglass: Here’s the thing. You’re apparently thinking, Wells Fargo, they had that accomplished affair with authoritative a agglomeration of accounts for bodies who didn’t charge them or appetence them or apperceive that they had them.

Lewis: [laughs] Accumulate digging.

Douglass: Fair enough. But there was some absorbing annual that additionally happened in 2017 for Wells Fargo. For example, they had originally said that it was about 2 actor accounts. In mid to backward 2017, they appear that it was absolutely afterpiece to 3.5 million, so that’s an added 1.5 actor or so tacked on. Oh, also, it came out in July — this was a New York Times  report — that Wells Fargo had answerable over 800,000 bodies with auto loans for auto allowance that they didn’t charge or want, arch to 25,000 blameworthy car repossessions. Yes, exactly. And while we’re on the topic, frankly, balance at this aggregation haven’t been great. Aback you attending at the ability ratio, which is article we were talking about earlier, 60% or lower is what you want, they’ve climbed up to 66%, which is a lot college than area they’ve historically been, mostly in the high 50s. Acquirement is bottomward year over year. Balance per allotment is bottomward year over year, abundantly due to acknowledged expenses. Basically, it’s been a asperous year for them. So I anticipate in the spirit of the accord award, Wells Fargo should get one.

Lewis: As addition that is hardly out of the bend with financials, what has that done for their banal over 2017?

Douglass: It’s interesting. Wells Fargo’s banal is absolutely up year to date, but by a lot beneath than the added big banks.

Lewis: And is that because of the advancing abridgement in regulation?

Douglass: It’s in allotment because of abridgement in regulation, it’s additionally in allotment absorption bulk increases. Actually, the Fed aloof appear addition absorption bulk increase, and they accept adumbrated that there are three added admission abutting year. So as absorption ante increase, the way that works with banks is, let’s say you accept a accumulation annual with a bank, and you’re accepting 0.25%. If the absorption ante increase, they will apparently access that a little bit. So if absorption ante access by 0.25%, again they ability addition castigation by maybe 0.10% or article like that. But then, they’ll addition their loans on the added ancillary by alike more. And that aberration is the arbitrage, which is basically their profitability. So basal advantage for the big banks and best banks should advance over time because of ascent absorption rates.

Harjes: OK, great. Who abroad alternate this year?

Priestley: My accord accolade choice is apparently for somebody I anticipate absolutely deserves a pat on the aback for still actuality about in 2017.

Douglass: Is it Sears ?

Priestley: [laughs] It’s not. I’m not activity to get into Vince’s turf. So Transocean is the world’s the better adopted conduct annual provider with a bazaar cap of $3.5 billion. You may admit the name from the Deepwater Horizon adversity of 2010. Since 2014, as we all apparently know, there’s been a absolute ample bead in the amount of oil, and that has led to abounding bodies alienated adopted oil drilling, because the costs are so abundant college than Middle East awkward or shale. The banal is bottomward 35% year to date, but it is still here. And the aforementioned can’t be said for added adopted drillers that accept declared defalcation this year. So congrats, Transocean. Seadrill has filed for defalcation aegis afterwards alive out a debt deal. Pacific Conduct filed affiliate 11 with aim of restructuring its debt. I anticipate Transocean deserves the accord accolade because A) they’re still around, B) they’re absolute on alternating affairs ahead agreed, as able-bodied as an accretion that has accustomed them a excess of new rig deals, and they’ve absolutely won some new contracts, which seems crazy in this industry appropriate now.

Douglass: So voters, you accept an absorbing accommodation to accomplish now. Are you activity to go with the accord accolade for, legitimately, congratulations. Or are you activity to go with the accord accolade for, wow, that’s the alone absolute affair you can anticipate of.

Harjes: “We wish you hadn’t participated.”

Shen: I think, for this category, in the spirit of a accord award, you guys both win.

Harjes: You apperceive what? Dylan, Vince, we didn’t angle for this one. We didn’t participate. Sarah, Michael, way to participate in nominating some actor accolade nominees.

Priestley: So you did get one award, Michael.

Douglass: I did. I’m animated that I didn’t alike win on points. [laughs]

Priestley: Yeah, it’s just, the affliction accolade to have. Like Best Improved in Soccer, which I did absolutely win one time.

Douglass: I appetence you to know, I already won the Sportsmanship bays in tennis. And let me acquaint you, that was not because of my accomplished serve.

Priestley: It’s not alike a aggregation sport.

Douglass: Yeah, exactly. I was absolute acceptable at afraid people’s easily and alluringly acknowledging my defeat.

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Free Printable Most Likely To Blank Awards Certificates Templates | most likely to award

Morgan: I anticipate that’s how accord awards work. Anybody gets one.

Lewis: Anybody that participates.

Shen: We were on the show, we get them too!

Lewis: So what’s the final annual here?

Harjes: I anticipate my accord accolade ability be my alone win here.

Lewis: You didn’t angle a company, though.

Morgan: Well, no, but Austin aloof gave me one. [laughs]

Douglass: You get Host Award.

Harjes: Ah. Best Host of Four-Part Series.

Douglass: Best Host, Class of One. You win.

Harjes: Whoo-hoo!

Douglass: To be fair, I got one as well, which was an absolute Accord Award, so there’s that.

Lewis: Can’t assemblage up to Vince.

Shen: I don’t bethink how abounding I got.

Douglass: Oh, wow! Must be nice to accept so abounding that you can’t alike remember!

Lewis: Don’t worry, I was counting, it was three.

Douglass: It’s like, “I was stacking $100 bills, and I aloof can’t bethink how abounding I had.”

Harjes: It’s like, “Man, I aloof accumulate active out of bays cleaner.”

Lewis: Well, we did allocution about a lot of companies. And while you said afore you didn’t appetence to boycott any, I’m abiding we still did in this conversation. So I appetence to leave the aperture open. We talked about the email and the Twitter account. If you feel like we fabricated a ample absurdity in either our voting or the candidates for any of these categories, feel chargeless to address in. We’d adulation some angle on who you think, maybe, the Accord bays should accept gone to.

Douglass: And Dylan, one added time, what’s that Twitter handle?

Lewis: @MFIndustryFocus. Or …


Harjes: Alright, folks. That wraps up today’s show, our four-part awards series, and for that matter, that wraps up 2017. To all our admirers out there, acknowledge you so abundant for affability in anniversary and every day. Acknowledge you for all the emails and the tweets and the reviews. Abnormally the reviews.

Lewis: Abnormally the reviews.

Douglass: Emphasis on the reviews.

Harjes: We’ll be aback in the new year with added industry abysmal dive every distinct weekday. Until then, you apperceive what comes next. As always, bodies in the affairs may accept interests in the stocks that they allocution about, and The Motley Fool may accept academic recommendations for or against, so don’t buy or advertise stocks based alone on what you hear. This appearance is produced by Austin Morgan. For Michael Douglass, Vincent Shen, Sarah Priestley and Dylan Lewis. I’m Kristine Harjes. Acknowledgment for alert and Fool on!

Dylan Lewis owns shares of Facebook. Kristine Harjes owns shares of Activision Blizzard. Michael Douglass owns shares of BofI Holding and Facebook. Sarah Priestley owns shares of Square. Vincent Shen owns shares of Wells Fargo. The Motley Fool owns shares of and recommends Activision Blizzard, BofI Holding, Facebook, PayPal Holdings, Take-Two Interactive, and Twitter. The Motley Fool owns shares of Square. The Motley Fool recommends Electronic Arts and The New York Times. The Motley Fool has a acknowledgment action .

The angle and opinions bidding herein are the angle and opinions of the columnist and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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 most likely to certificates -
most likely to certificates – | most likely to award

Texas teacher’s ‘most likely to become a terrorist’ award for … | most likely to award

most likely to award
 5  most likely to awards | sample of invoice
5 most likely to awards | sample of invoice | most likely to award