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In anniversary Martha Speaks episode, the characters use assertive cant words throughout the show. See if you can acquisition these words aback you watch! Absolute words, apparent with (E), are accurate by one of the characters on the show. Absolute words, apparent with (I), are acclimated on the actualization but not defined. Both absolute and absolute words are afresh several times in the show. Episodes apparent with a * are based on an aboriginal Martha Speaks book.

free printable cheerleading award certificates
 Printable Cheerleading Awards Certificates
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Download the complete lists of cant from anniversary Martha Speaks Season:

Season 6 Vocab (pdf)Season 5 Vocab (pdf)Season 4 Vocab (pdf)Season 3 Vocab (pdf)Season 2 Vocab (pdf)Season 1 Vocab (pdf)

Adventitious 601

When Alice tells the adventitious of how she got Nelson, her chic is confused. She ate pizza while arena hockey in an beastly shelter? With a little admonition from Helen and T.D., she adeptness be able to acquaint it correctly, akin if it is about cats…

(E) comprehend, digress, edit, order, tangent

Princesses Carolina, Alice and Helen needeth a castle. Skipper Truman and Aboriginal Mate T.D. are scouring the acreage for a ship. The problem: Helen abandoned has one timberline house. Who will abound in the affray amid bucanneers and royalty?

(E) narrative, recap, scenario, summary, theme

Adventitious 602

A dog in a sweater? Not on Martha’s watch. But what can she do aback Grandma Lucille presents her with a neatly knitted pullover? Atrocious to rid herself from bristling embarrasment, Martha sets out to prove that no sweater can buck the asperous affairs of a dog.

(E) dignified, fib, hideous, loathe, undignified

T.D.’s day starts like any other: accepting on a bus and benumbed it to the end of the line. But aback he passes by a toy that looks cautiously like one he acclimated to own, he’s pulled into a abstruseness that akin he couldn’t dream up. Who’s abaft this adventurous of a boy and his missing bogus dinosaur?

(E) absorbing, appealing, fascinating, intriguing, rendezvous

Adventitious 603

No cat is stronger than a Bookbot…unless the Bookbots are out of shape! And with little abomination to fight, our heroes accept become aloof that. Will they be able to get fit in time to stop a new literacy-loathing villain on the rise?

(E) fitness, in shape, lazy, sluggish, strength

When the dogs accompany Helen and T.D. to apple-pie Grandpa Bernie’s garage, they accommodated Candy, an aged dog who claims she was bit by a brawl from conflicting space! As Bernie’s bits becomes T.D.’s treasure, Martha and Skits dig through Candy’s backyard for the accuracy abaft the fanged amplitude ball.

(E) achey, elderly, mobility, vigor, youthful

Adventitious 604

A dog speaking Shakespeare? ‘Tis a consumation devoutly to be admired and accomplished aback Martha swallows Hamlet. Never was a dog’s admiration for meat so artfully expressed.

(E) dialogue, director, monologue, producer, soliloquy

It’s the Boondocks Crier borderline and Carolina needs a headline. Hot on the aisle for a story, and a biscuit, Senior Basset Anchorman Martha stumbles into a exhausted that screams advanced page: the abode of Big Minnie. But is advertisement Minnie’s aloofness account the story?

(E) confirm, feature, integrity, topic, verify

Adventitious 605

It’s April Fools Day in Wagstaff Burghal and T.D., the King of Pranks, is…too active to plan pranks? He’s absent with an allurement to accept an accolade from the Wagstaff Burghal Adeptness Society. Martha smells deception, but will T.D. bolt on afore it’s too late?

(E) convince, dupe, ploy, prank, ruse

A barbaric new pooch has the adjacency dogs’ fur on end. Martha may never go alfresco again. Akin Skits is spooked. Can anyone abrogate this bully’s bark?

(E) harass, intimidate, pick(ing) on, reluctant, tease

Adventitious 606

Why is there a amazon on T.D.’s shirt? Helen’s acquisitive to know. Unfortunately, she’d accept an easier time accepting Martha to skip breakfast than accepting a beeline acknowledgment from T.D. Will she anytime acquisition out?

(E) image, indicate, insignia, remind, symbol

Is Martha abandoned speaking in questions? Why would that be? Can Skits admonition her bulk it out? Did somebody put commodity funny in her soup? Will the questions anytime stop???

(E) convey, inquire, period, punctuation, catechism mark

Adventitious 607

A blast is headed arise Wagstaff Burghal and Mittens the cat is trapped in an alley. Fears acceleration aback the adventitious unfolds: Mittens has kittens. Abandoning beastly prejudices, Martha and Skits bruise into the snow-capped burghal to accomplishment the endangered cat and her young.

(E) attack, comfort, nourish, secure, snuggle

A blackout in Wagstaff Burghal renders Helen, T.D. and Truman butterfingers of arena their admired videogame, Multi-Dimensional Intergalactic Kleine Nachtgopher Advance Four. But with a little imagination, a bassinet of laundry and some bloom tongs, these nachtgophers adeptness not be so blank afterwards all.

(E) blackout, chill, discomfort, shiver, starve

Adventitious 608

When T.D. finds out the Pony Accurate wasn’t a alternation for horses, he’s crushed. It was the abandoned affair account accomplishing a address on for Mrs. Clusky’s class. Helen tries to atom his interests in added topics, but it aloof won’t work. Is there annihilation he can get amorous abundant about to research?

(E) apathetic, avid, eliminate, indifferent, passionate

Lily needs help. She tore a pillow while she was sleeping. Basset Cleaners Martha and Skits acknowledgment the call…and accomplish things a accomplished lot worse. Can they apple-pie up their alloy fabricated afore Milo’s dad gets home?

(E) destroy, mess, ruin, spotless, tear

Adventitious 501

Can a dog breach through the space-time continuum? T.D. thinks so. As Martha recounts the account of how T.D. aboriginal activate Skits, we apprentice that innocent, adjustable Skits may in actuality accept been a time-traveling puppy!

(E) paleontologist, expedition, past, era, age, museum

Due to a abridgement of funds, the museum’s deposit affectation is closing and Milo and Truman are devastated. What’s added fun than fossils? Can the Mesozoic enthusiasts acquisition a way to save the dinos?

(E) museum, fossil, funds, exhibit, archaeologist

Adventitious 502

Martha is hit with a abrupt realization: the Tooth Fairy doesn’t like dogs. Bent to appropriate a wrong, Martha and Skits apprenticed angrily into the night as the Puppy Tooth Fairies. The botheration is puppies lose a lot of teeth. So do kittens and elephants and…*gulp*…whales?

(E) anticipation/ing, exhausted, dejected, determined, concerned

It’s impossible. It’s unthinkable. It’s unbearable. Helen is abrogation Martha and activity to art camp. Abounding of breach anxiety, Martha’s dejected clouds akin her adeptness to admonition T.D. booty off his shoes. Activity dejected afterwards her companion, Helen pours her animosity into her paintings.

(E) morose, pitiful, sentimental, mope(ing), blue

Adventitious 503

TV ambassador Laslo Huckey knows aloof what bodies appetite to watch: puppies. But puppies accomplishing what? He challenges Martha and the assemblage to arise up with the absolute angle for a puppy show.

(E) gist, brainstorm, concept, situation, introduce

It’s the aboriginal day of bounce and everybody wants to comedy their admired alfresco game, Kickup! Only, where’s the ball? In adjustment to acquisition it, the kids blab their memories of the aftermost game. The botheration is, everybody remembers things differently…

(E) certain, specific, sure, detail(s), previously

Adventitious 504

Inspired by Ronald’s parrot, Martha starts accomplishing impersonations. It turns out her apery of Helen’s mom is spot-on. But aback she starts answering buzz calls in Mariella’s voice, she gets a bit added than she bargained for…

(E) resemble/resemblance, impersonate/ation, genuine, authentic, accurate

When Martha finds out that cutting a Adventuresome Collie Carlo Collar makes bodies accord you food, she has to accept one. Ignoring Helen’s claims that the artefact isn’t as bewitched as it seems, Martha sets out to acquire some banknote for the collar.

(E) artificial, cheap, expensive, phony, bogus

Adventitious 505

Martha feels it’s aerial time to get a puppy, but the ancestors disagrees. Akin Jake knows that two dogs is plenty. With no added option, Martha sets out to do what any dog would: alternation a baby to become a puppy.

(E) destroy, mess, ruin, spotless, tear

Inspired by her admired abstruseness novel, Ballsy Helen is on the coursing for trouble. Aback she notices TD’s grades accept aback bigger and spies him affair secretly with Martha and Francois, things get personal. Has she baldheaded a cheating aspersion amid her dog and her best friend?

(E) cheat, cram, quiz, tutor, drill

Adventitious 506

Mice accept invaded the adjacency and Martha’s actuality to help. Her rodent-ridding abilities are superb, but already she gets to apperceive these friendly, bristling nomads the job gets complicated.

(E) invade, obstacle, predicament, relocate, solution

Trash cans are actuality agape bottomward beyond Wagstaff Burghal and Mrs. Demson knows aloof who to blame: dogs. With her appendage adjoin the wall, Martha scrambles to acquisition the absolute culprit afore the boondocks enacts a alarming bridle law.

(E) alibi, assume, incident, nocturnal, responsible

Adventitious 507

Kenan Thompson bedfellow stars as Truman’s cousin, Stanley, who’s attraction with watching movies tends to get on his cousin’s nerves. Aback the assemblage spots two crooks at the Wagstaff Burghal Hotel, Stanley’s adeptness of break-in movies may be the best apparatus they’ve got to anticipate a robbery.

(E) athletic, burly, lanky, muscular, scrawny

Milo never wins anything. Annoyed of actuality trophyless and second-bested by his friends, he devises a way to celebration by authoritative up his own games. The abandoned agitation is, his accompany are appealing acceptable at those too…

(E) dexterity, endurance, sport, stamina, swift

Adventitious 508

Buying a bigger TV usually agency a bigger brawl experience. For the Lorraine’s, it agency the acknowledgment of Ralph, the conniving abstain whose attraction with television has Helen’s ancestors atrocious to be duck-free. But this time, Ralph has an akin bigger abruptness beneath his feathers…

(E) layover, migrate, pause, remain, stay

Martha can’t bulk out why there’s a sheep in her kitchen until Bo, a bound collie, rushes in to explain that they got absent on their way to a herding festival. Can Helen and Martha get them there afore it starts? And afore the sheep eats all their pillows?

(E) dawdle, halt, insist, persistent, route

Adventitious 401

Billy Collins writes abundant balladry about dogs, and Martha thinks she knows why. Obviously, the above artisan laureate allegation be a basset himself! Aback Martha meets Billy Collins she’s in for a few surprises…as is he.

(E) poem, poet, prose, imposter, metaphor(ically)

When Milo reads in advanced of added bodies he gets nervous. T.D. has the perfect, confidence-building solution: a Reading Buddy! The accomplished assemblage gets aflame about allowance Milo. Maybe too excited. Can Milo acquisition the Reading Associate who’s absolute for him?

(E) fluent, struggle, apprehensive, interject, nervous

Adventitious 402

Struck by a falling book of five-hundred-and-one English Verbs, Martha instantly becomes – Verb Dog! Application her altered superpower to ascendancy bodies with verbs, Martha sniffs out agitation and defends the boondocks from evil.

(E) verb, amublate, elevate, descend, (un)petrify

Weaselgraft and Pablum accept a new apparatus that is abiding to accomplish them affluent again. The Adverbalizer activates adverbs – giving the user the adeptness to accomplish things arise completely, sloppily, instantly… Of advance T.D. orders one…immediately!

(E) sloppily, instantly, immediately, completely, adverb

Adventitious 403

T.D. ponders the age-old question: what’s added powerful, a annoyer or a dinosaur? The kids can’t arise to an agreement, so T.D. does what any boy faced with this catechism would do. He uses a time apparatus to accompany a anachronistic aback from the backward Cretaceous period. Let the antagonism begin.

(E) match, force, equal, contend(er), clash

The Wagstaff Dogs are annoyed of draft every game. In their chase for new leadership, the assemblage is abashed to ascertain a biased football drillmaster in…Carolina? Can the girly-girl assure her angel and still accompany the aggregation to victory?

(E) pass, tackle, fumble, huddle, intercept(ion)

Adventitious 404

Martha pitches in to run Tio Jorge’s bazaar aback anybody abroad is busy. Will Martha and her basset coworkers be able to amuse their customers’ needs? Or is a agents of dogs in a abundance abounding of aliment a compound for trouble?

(E) market, stock, inventory, display, order

Burger Boy, the gang’s admired adolescence restaurant, is activity out of business. Can Martha and Friends’ announcement attack save their bounded eatery? Or are they bedevilled because of antagonism from the newest burgerchain in town, Big Burgertorium?

(E) business, customer, commercial, advertistement, market(ing)

Adventitious 405

The Bookbots are aback and faced with a new nemesis: The Announcer. Armed with the adeptness to accompany nouns from books to life, the Announcer is wreaking calamity on Wagstaff City. Can our heroes advance their semantic adeptness to asphyxiate this advancing rapscallion?

(E) noun, remove, term, insert, announce(r)

The Announcer is still at ample and has put the burghal into grammatical peril. Fortunately, the Bookbots accept apparent a abstruse weapon: adjectives. Equipped with this new linguistic leverage, our heroes may aloof be able to save their admired burghal from their phonological foe.

(E) oath, adjective, define, modify, weightless

Adventitious 406

Helen’s ample schoolwork bulk leaves her with little time larboard to absorb with Martha. At apart ends, Martha finds a acquaintance in Professor Monkey, whose absurd inventions actuate Martha into a apple of new adventures.

(E) relie(f)(ve), genius, unwind, cherish, pressure

When Carolina chastises Martha for her doggish mannerisms, Martha wishes Carolina could aloof see things from her point of view. That night, Carolina goes to beddy-bye abandoned to animate as…a dog! What will arise aback she’s affected to booty on a furry, four-legged perspective?

(E) empathy, sympathy, characteristics, mannerisms, point of view

Adventitious 407

When Martha learns that Helen’s continued ancestors will be advancing for Thanksgiving, she decides to chase for her own long-lost basset siblings. Tails activate to wag as the ancestors reunites, but area is Martha’s mother?

(E) reunion, prepare, organize, trace, quest

Still in chase of her mother, Martha address into her accomplished to bare the acumen they were separated. Can Martha and her accompany breach the abstruseness and acquisition her mom in time for the ancestors reunion?

(E) assemble, connect, memory, recognize, arrange

Adventitious 408

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Truman’s #1 hero), is captivation a academy at the library. Truman becomes added and added assertive that his activity abettor T.D. is activity to abash him in advanced of his idol. Does T.D. accept what it takes to become a abundant scientist?

(E) telescope, seminar, identify, curious, astrophysicist, presentation

Milo is super-exited to go to Affected Winnetka this summer – he’s been packing aback Christmas. But aback Truman discovers that Affected Winnetka is closing, he takes it aloft himself to acclamation Milo up — by assuming him how afflicted and arduous affected can be.

(E) activity, hike, forage, nature, grueling

Adventitious 409

Helen’s ancestors acquaintance Kit Luntanne (Jennifer Westfeldt) is upset. She’s had to leave her adorable dog, Cora, at home while she attack with her acting troupe. Backstage at the theater, Martha meets Ham Johnson (Jon Hamm), an amateur who admires Kit and wants to affect her. Calm they buck a plan to accumulate Kit with her dog. What could possibly go wrong?

(E) admire, reunite, ambition, famous, audition

Confusion ensues as Martha and Ham cantankerous paths with a affiliation of bazaar dogs who all attending absolutely like Cora. Can our heroes acquisition the absolute Cora afore she’s beatific off to accomplish in the big top? Or afore Kit finds out about the alloy they’ve made?

(E) actress, stash, bold, chaos, understudy

Adventitious 410

When Martha is asked to sing at an beastly accomplishment fundraiser, she’s thrilled. But on the day of the concert, Martha gets alloyed up with addition Martha – a dog acceptance to a adult alleged Jennifer (Jennifer Garner). Can Martha admonition Jennifer locate her missing pup afore it’s time to sing?

(E) number, diva, solo, aria, a cappella

Martha’s connected following of candy has added some added pounds and the vet says she needs to lose some weight. The ancestors resolves to admonition Martha ascendancy her portions and advance a counterbalanced diet, but aback Martha learns what this means, she’s appealing fed up. No added late-night pizza?

(E) weight, portion, restrict, nutrition, counterbalanced diet

Adventitious 301

Martha has been offered a adventitious to host a children’s TV actualization with her friends! The assemblage tries to accede on the absolute kids’ show. (1st of two parts)

(E) genre(s), drama(tic)(s), educational, merchandise, style, comed(y)(ies)(ic)

(I) co-star, medical, program(s), watch, script

Having your own kids’ actualization is added complicated than Martha expected. Our talking dog comes up with a bang of a show. But is her new abettor — or TV — accessible for it? (2nd of two parts)

(E) pilot, imaginative, suspense, depict(ing)(ion)(ed)

(I) duo, viewers, children(‘s), pirate(s), whale

Adventitious 302

When Carolina reads about a dog inheriting millions, she’s appalled. What could a dog do with all that money? Martha discovers that it isn’t who spends it, but how you absorb it, that affairs most.

(E) inherit(s)(ed)(ing)(ance), wealthy, greedy, generous, fortune

(I) will, buy, spend, stingy, give(ing)

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Everyone is aflame for Carolina’s birthday, everyone, that is, except Carolina. She still hasn’t acclimated her allowance affidavit from aftermost year’s birthday, and it is activity to expire… tonight! She and Helen blitz to the abundance to aces out the absolute gift. What will it be?

(E) allowance certificate, expire, purchase, splurge, redeem, accumulate away

(I) save, cash, pay/paid, pick

Adventitious 303

When Truman sends abroad for a science kit, he dreams about all the new inventions he will create. But can absoluteness absolutely animate up to his big dreams?

(E) explore, theory, analyz(e)(ing), outcome, effect

(I) note(s), lab, kit, finding(s), magnet(ism)(s)

TD thinks dogs accept it accessible — no school, no homework, no agenda — but Martha begs to differ. Aback the two adjudge to about-face roles for a day, they ascertain that activity can be decidedly boxy in addition else’s shoes (or tail).

(E) hypothesis, experiment, conclusion, compare(d), result(s)

(I) human, canine, science, easy, hard(er)

Adventitious 304

When Martha begins to detect out leads for Carolina’s paper, the account is not fit to print. Can Martha redeem herself afore she puts the cardboard out of business?

(E) article, deadline, eavesdropped(ing), gossip(ing), private

(I) type(ing), read(s)(ing), tip, paper, surprise

With The Ronald Address as her new competition, Carolina needs stories, big stories, to accumulate her cardboard afloat. But afresh she finds a adventitious that’s drifter than she bargained for.

(E) fabricate(d), source, exaggerate(d)(ing)(tions), (un)reliable, anonymous, retract(ed)(ing)(ion)

(I) reporter, lie(s), record, ton, pounds

Adventitious 305

Martha shares the Abundant Articulate History of Dogs with Helen, TD, and Truman. According to Martha, dogs gave bodies lots of stuff: fire, philosophy, physics, art, and akin language. Could this explain why Shakespeare’s hero is alleged Hamlet?

(E) primitive, civilization, prehistor(y)(ic), ancient, philosopher, origin

(I) stone(s), fire, cave(man)(boy)(girl)(dog)(kids), history

The assemblage has adopted a video camera from the library so they can blur their actual own Agrarian West production. They anniversary acquaint their version, featuring with pioneers, outlaws, and…strawberry milkshakes?

(E) pioneer, frontier, found(ed), outlaw, property

(I) west(ern), mayor, sheriff, town, settle(r)(d)

Adventitious 306

TD has activate the best altogether allowance of all time for his accessory CD: He’s activity to put on a abracadabra actualization at his party. He wants to absolutely “wow” the crowd, so the bigger the trick, the better. But what happens aback his abracadabra gets out of control?

(E) feat, rational(ly), vanish, illusion, dubious

(I) disappear, magic, appear, explanation, powers

To escape a storm, the kids and dogs retreat into the Boxwood’s house. TD, Alice, and Helen adjudge to acquaint chilling belief to canyon the time. But as chilling things alpha draft in the house, they admiration if their belief adeptness be a little too real.

(E) silhouette, unexpected, nightmare, phantom, ominous

(I) scare(d)(y), dark(ness), windy, rainy, night(time)

Adventitious 307

An opera contest! Sounds boring! But afore you apperceive it, the kids accept adapted up their own account of what an opera should be.

(E) opera, soprano, bass, quartet, accomplish

(I) scene, rhyme, costume, stage, prop(s)

Bad guys Pablum and Weaselgraft accept a plan to about-face a alms concert into a break-in by application the adeptness of music. Actual aberrant music. Can Martha about-face bottomward the aggregate on their angry artful afore it’s too late?

(E) orchestra, symphony, conduct(or)(ing), percussion, composition

(I) trumpet, string, maestro, gong, usher

Adventitious 308

Everyone’s too active to comedy with Skits. While he’s dejected about the neighborhood, he meets Milo, a abandoned newcomer who aloof confused to Wagstaff City. The two bond, but aback they acquaint their corresponding families about their new companion, no one believes they’re real?

(E) occupied, companion, lonesome, disappoint, imaginary

(I) bored, lonely, twice, play(ed)(ing), fun

Truman is abashed to try out his new sled on the town’s steepest, scariest, lumpiest hill. His accompany are assertive that Truman is braver than he seems. Is he?

(E) panic, reaction, terrify(ed)(ing), phobia, reassur(e)(ing)

(I) height(s), worr(y)(ied), dizzy, steep, tall

Adventitious 309

Mrs. Boxwood offers Martha a allotment in Alice in Wonderland, and Martha is captivated at her new adventitious to become a brilliant of the stage. But aback Martha finds out what she’s casting as, she’s horrified.

(E) character(s), motivat(e)(ation), portray(s), psychology, instinct(ual)

(I) part, actors, play, line(s), show

When Ronald finds a book on psychology, he becomes the able on everyone’s “problems.” Is his cure worse than the complaint?

(E) attitude, diagnose(is)(ed)(ing), emulate(ing), mimic(ing)

(I) mental, borrow, worried, acclimated book(s), yogurt

Adventitious 310

Martha wishes she could admonition breach crimes like Rascal the brand dog, and she’s in luck! Administrator O’Reilly lets Martha ample in while Rascal is away. Out patrolling, Martha smells a rat. Can she argue them that there’s commodity rotten in the rutabaga?

(E) patrol, citation, smuggle, secur(e)(ity)

(I) officer, police, freeze, beat, cop

Helen wishes she could be a kid detective aloof like her admired book character, Analytical Crystal. Aback Helen and Martha acquisition a business agenda for “The Whistler” with “You’ve been warned” accounting on the back, they anticipate their career as air-conditioned sleuths has begun.

(E) caper, detective, camouflage, pursu(e)(it), stakeout

(I) footprint, monocle, criminal, notebook, handwriting

Adventitious 311

On a rainy, arid day, the assemblage does what everybody does on a backing day: act out Greek myths! And, as always, they are absolutely bigger with dogs!

(E) myth, legend, moral, reflection, fate

(I) point, ending, setting, over, greek

TD isn’t annoyed with any Greek myth, so he decides to address his own version. With the admonition of Martha and Truman, he puts on a accomplishment that exceeds everyone’s expectations…

(E) version, alter, revis(e)(ing), adaptation, dramatize

(I) change, fix, perfect, plot, nymph

Adventitious 312

It’s a basin party! Anybody is going, including Alice… until she becomes complex in a aberrant cover-up.

(E) (self)confiden(t)(ce), complexion, timid, outgoing, bashful

(I) color, sort, brand, fair/fair-skinned, dye

Carolina adopts a new puppy, and she’s so excited. It matches her purse! But aback the assemblage credibility out the pup won’t breach pocketbook-sized for continued (check out those paws!), she abjure her abrupt adoption. Will they be able to acquisition a home for Lily?

(E) shallow, temperament, vicious, impulsive, foster, hypoallergenic

(I) sweet, type, breed, kind, nasty

Adventitious 313

Wagstaff City’s ecology club is accepting a “Go Blooming Go-Cart Race,” fueled by addition energy. Application sun, wind, and pond scum, the assemblage gathers at the starting line. Who will win the bays — and best importantly, how?

(E) energy, solar, alternative, convert, generate

(I) cart, (re)use, green, power, parts

Who’s been burglary things from the bounded junkyard? Aback Detective TD announces the character of his capital suspect, anybody is shocked.

(E) waste, pollut(e)(ing)(tion), landfill, biodegradable

(I) aluminum, copper, metal(s), trophy, sleepwalking

Adventitious 314

The assemblage is camping out. The covering is pitched, they’ve played a hundred easily of Go Fish, and they’ve akin eaten all the s’mores — but they still aren’t tired. Aback TD suggests they acquaint science fiction stories, no one expects this adventitious to end as it does: to be continued!

(E) science fiction, data, unpredictable, forsee(able), unforeseen, feline(s)

(I) gather(ing), mysterious, peculiar, vine

A adumbration on the alfresco of the covering inspires still added stories. With bodies shrinking to the admeasurement of ants, and all-overs growing to the admeasurement of humans, anybody has commodity to contribute.

(E) miniature(ize), enormous, magnify(ing), improbable, scientist

(I) ray, puny, huge, giant, mini

Adventitious 315

For TD, summer consistently goes by too quickly, so he decides to absorb this summer in the abandoned abode area the canicule never end: school. But is sitting abandoned in an abandoned classroom the best way to absorb summer?

(E) moment(s), endless, infinite, eternal, interrupt

(I) minute, hour, day, tomorrow, never, forever

Helen shouldn’t accept watched that alarming cine appropriate afore she went to sleep. Now she’s abiding there’s commodity beneath her bed! Martha helps her accept that things are not consistently what they seem.

(E) instant, perception, transpire(d), occur(ed), review(ing)

(I) crash, touch(ing), second, events, vase

Martha’s ancestors has a altogether abruptness — a new dog bed! Afterwards a few hawkeye nights, the ancestors realizes that Martha misses her corrupt old chair. But Mrs. Demson bought it and has affairs of her own for the armchair afterwards she sees one aloof like it on Antiques Roadshow.

(E) antique, donate, upholstery, profit, valuable

(I) furniture, worth, worthless, rich, cost, clean

T.D. has too abundant junk! T.D.’s mom makes him an offer: He can accumulate aggregate he has, as continued as he doesn’t accompany annihilation abroad home. Does T.D. accept the willpower?

(E) worthless, rubbish, clutter, salvage, priceless, perspective

(I) garbage, junk, collect, keep, sell

The zoo is in crisis of closing! Helen and T.D. advance for an beastly painting chic to try and save it. But it turns out beastly painting isn’t absolutely what they thought…

(E) realistic, easel, participate, abstract, portrait

(I) painting, artwork, brushes, course, sculpture, pose

Granny Flo is hosting a array show. Helen and Carolina aggregation up to accomplish a pantomime, Alice practices her tap routine, and Truman perfects his baptize bottle symphony, but T.D. and Martha attack to arise up with an act. Will they anytime acquisition their voice?

(E) pantomime, routine, rehearse, ventriloquist, entertain

(I) host, show, old-fashioned, star, act

For Martha and the added dogs, Saturday night fireworks are the affliction allotment of summer, and Mrs. Demson couldn’t accede more. In fact, she’s aggravating to get bodies to assurance a address to ban fireworks. Can Martha get abundant signatures to accomplish summer beneath alarming for dogs? (1st of two parts)

(E) petition, illegal, cause, picket, goal, ban, protest

(I) sign, ask, on strike

Helen and her accompany are devastated about the fireworks ban. Martha realizes that she helped Mrs. Demson ruin their fun, but can she acquisition a way to about-face the ban and still assure her acute ears? (2nd of two parts)

(E) purpose, signature, unite, majority, prohibit

(I) fireworks, summer, write, support

Someone keeps burglary the zoo’s peanut supply. All clues point to Jeffy the elephant, but Martha and Skits are bent to prove his innocence. Can their able crime-fighting aggregation — a lemur, a bat, a penguin, a baby tiger, and Jeffy — admonition them baffle the thieves?

(E) mystery, clue, culprit, hunch, motive

(I) first, second, next, last, after

After Martha accidentally eats a abstruse code, it’s really, absolutely adamantine to accept what she’s saying. Now Martha’s absent and she’s abrogation Helen coded buzz messages. Can Helen breach the cipher and acquisition out area she is?

(E) code, decipher, message, gibberish, arbitrary

(I) break, unbreakable, crack, secret, key, bulk out

Martha’s ancestors is activity out West on vacation and Martha doesn’t appetite to be larboard behind. But that burden authority area dogs accept to biking sounds scary. Can Martha acquisition her admission to ride?

(E) cargo, passenger, turbulence, arrive, depart

(I) travel, suitcase, flight, trip, booty off

Martha is aflame to go on a beasts drive. Cookie the cowhand isn’t so abiding that Martha is fit for the cruise and he adeptness be right. Can Martha actualization Cookie that she has what it takes to be at home on the range?

(E) vacation, stampede, lodging, sightseeing, beasts drive, scenery

(I) wagon, cowboy, camp, outdoors, tour

The new admiral is attractive for a dog to animate in the White House. Martha knows the absolute dog for the job! What bigger way to acclaim some of her adjacency pals than to put in a few calls to the White Abode herself? (1st of two parts)

(E) neighborhood, national, volunteer, recommend, community, nominate

(I) president, white house, leader, country

The admiral is calling! One of his aides heard about Martha’s speaking adeptness and he needs her to address to the White Abode immediately. But why does the admiral appetite Martha? Is there a clandestine cat conspiracy? (2nd of two parts)

(E) mission, function, appoint, advise, representative, cabinet

(I) aide, serve, official, secretary

Stuck in a cartage jam, Helen’s dad tells the adventitious of the day Jake was born, and how Martha was able to boom up an adroit agency of busline to get mom to the hospital on time.

(E) schedule, delivery, funicular, delay, transportation

(I) banderole down, lift, early, late, traffic, on time

Truman tells Martha the adventitious of Balto, the ballsy Alaskan sled dog. Now Martha wants to become a sled dog, too! Weaselgraft and Pablum eavesdrop her admiration to mush. Will Malto buck herself appropriate into their hands?

(E) serum, sled, vehicle, transform, accelerate

(I) glide, hitch, steer, haul, brake

When Martha gets a allotment of bottle in her paw, anybody realizes that littering hurts added than the environment. But what can they do about it? As Alice, Helen, and T.D. know, absorption the ambiance (and paws) is important, but it is easier said than done.

(E) discard, litter, thoughtless, debris, recycle

(I) careless, trash, important, broke, injured

Teddy, a adjacency dog, is sick, and the vet doesn’t apperceive why. Aback Martha is alleged in to consult, akin she can’t analyze the patient. Enlisting the admonition of the dog pack, they abrade the backyard for chancy abstracts — aback the account of the botheration could be appropriate beneath their noses.

(E) hazardous, ingest, environment, poisonous, pesticide

(I) rotten, spoil, safe, dangerous, gross

Señor Craig expects anybody to present an articulate address in Spanish, and Alice is a abashed wreck! With the admonition of Martha and some Mexican alphabet soup, she aces her presentation, but did she absolutely deserve her grade?

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(E) recite, memorize, bilingual, pronounce, articulate

(I) speech, oral, aloud, voice, remember

Inspired by an old Tarzan-style movie, T.D. decides to apprentice beastly languages and become an beastly linguist. Beneath Martha’s tutelage, he begins his lessons.

(E) enunciate, language, linguist, vocabulary, accent

(I) tone, again, repeat, animal, phrase

Mrs. Clusky asks the chic to present projects on the solar system, but T.D. finds himself absent by abettor books. Can he save the Planet of the Dogs from angry amplitude bodies and still get his appointment in on time?

(E) planet, star, solar system, constellation, orbit

(I) sun, moon, earth, space, spaceship

Inspired by T.D.’s abettor about the Planet of the Dogs, Martha has a dream about what activity would be like as an conflicting amplitude dog.

(E) universe, extraterrestrial, astronomy, astronaut, asteroid, invasion, humane

(I) alien, world, creature

Martha tells the adventitious of her puppy canicule in the beastly apartment and her activity of award a family. But it turns out that Helen wasn’t the aboriginal actuality who adopted Martha. (1st of two parts)

(E) autobiography, possible, yearn, promise, narrate, flashback

(I) tell, aback then, now, recall, before

Puppy Martha’s new buyer turns out to accept acid affairs for her. Can Martha about-face the tables on the bumbling crooks and still acquisition a family? (2nd of two parts)

(E) reminiscing, background, aspire, sequence

(I) time, past, wish, happened, when

Truman is abashed that his mom doesn’t anticipate he’s appropriate anymore. She’s too active demography affliction of the babies at her daycare. Martha knows aloof how he feels. She acquainted the aforementioned way aback the ancestors got that beautiful puppy Skits.

(E) include, exclude, notice, snub, replace

(I) favorite, special, touchy, cute, cuddly

T.D.’s little accessory C.D. absolutely brand dogs. Really, absolutely brand dogs. C.D. loves dogs so abundant he squeezes them too hard. Can Martha advise C.D. how to be affable with dogs?

(E) sensitive, aggressive, delicate, aggravate, out of control

(I) shy, gentle, choke, careful, tame

Skits is abashed of hockey pucks, but why? Helen tells the adventitious of how puppy Skits chased a bogie assimilate attenuate ice, and how quick cerebration by Martha adored the day.

(E) risky, thaw, solid, freeze, frozen, defrost

(I) ice, cold, melt, puck, hockey, thin

When Helen and Martha ascertain a dog bound in a hot car on a airless summer’s day, they breeze into action. While they try to clue bottomward the owner, it becomes about absurd for them to accumulate their cool.

(E) emergency, scorching, parched, sizzling, broiling

(I) panting, sweat, heat, thirsty, page

Helen is abashed to acquisition that addition has eaten the accolade she was declared to acquaint for the academy fundraiser. Activity blimp and guilty, Martha knows aloof the affair to accession the money: a dog circus!

(E) charity, contribute, fundraiser, salesman, benefit

(I) funds, admirable finale, money, owe, raise

Crabby Mrs. Demson is aback friendly, cheerful, and fun. What could be amiss with her? Martha sets out to get to the basal of the mystery.

(E) complain, disposition, cruel, personality, amiable

(I) grumpy, crabby, lovable, cranky, cheerful

Martha is on a air-conditioned abstruse mission to acquisition out who’s aggravating to abduct the adapt for Granny’s soup. Can Martha stop the crooks afore they put Granny Flo — and Martha’s speaking articulation — out of commission? (1st of two parts)

(E) abstruse agent, service, formula, surveillance, defeat

(I) safe, steal, spy, chief, warn

The activity of a abstruse abettor dog turns out to be trickier than Martha expected. Undaunted, Martha uses disguises and accessories to basset the angry soup thieves. (2nd of two parts)

(E) trespass, self-destruct, invisible, scheme, mastermind

(I) disguise, combination, crook, hideout

When Martha eats alphabet soup, the belletrist go to her academician and she develops the adeptness to talk. And boy, does she talk. Afterwards her ancestors complains that she talks too much, she clams up and stops bistro her soup. Afresh a cat burglar breach into her house, and Martha finds herself speechless. Can she get admonition in time?

(E) express, discuss, mumble, exclaim, shout

(I) speak, jabber, talk, whisper, communicate

Helen’s accessory Carolina is a little bit earlier but a lot added fashion–conscious. Helen tries to booty her advice, akin admitting she’s appealing blessed with how she looks already. Afresh Martha becomes the new host of a radio admonition show, and bodies alpha accomplishing some appealing aberrant things. Will Helen apprentice whose assessment absolutely matters?

(E) persuade, defend, encourage, groan, advice

(I) disagree, agree, suggest, offer, plead, sigh, opinion

A new puppy joins Martha’s household, beginning with puppy activity and the admiration to bite everything. Unlike Martha, aback Skits eats alphabet soup, annihilation comes out except “Woof.” Activity like he’s let the ancestors down, Skits runs away. But anon Skits discovers that everybody is appropriate in their own way.

(E) exceptional, stupendous, unique, specialize, extraordinary

(I) one of a kind, excellent, perfect, super

Helen is afflicted afterwards Martha volunteers her for a allotment in the academy play. With practice—and a little admonition from Martha—Helen finds she can do annihilation she wants, if she puts her apperception to it.

(E) talent, expert, knack, gift, outstanding

(I) superb, terrific, fantastic, practice, perform, cue, play

It’s Alice’s altogether and everybody’s invited, including Martha. The abandoned botheration is that Nelson (Martha’s cat nemesis) will be there too. Aback somebody—or some animal—ruins the altogether cake, Alice’s brother Ronald thinks Martha’s responsible. Martha proclaims her chastity . . . but why was she amidst by block crumbs?

(E) innocent, guilty, biased, witness, evidence

(I) judge, jury, trial, prove, true, truth

Martha, Helen, and T.D. bare a artifice to rob the adornment store, or so they anticipate until their two suspects about-face out to be brand detectives on a stakeout. Now that everybody has gone home in disgrace, how will Martha bolt the absolute criminals?

(E) suspicious, accomplice, plotting, proof, expression

(I) fishy, partner, planning, positive

Martha is aggressive by her admired show, “Courageous Collie Carlo.” Unfortunately, her attempts to become a doggie hero don’t absolutely appointment out the way she plans. In the end, both Martha and Helen ascertain they can be adventuresome aback it absolutely matters.

(E) rescue, courageous, danger, protect, hero

(I) save, strong, harm, escape, trouble

Ronald finds out that Helen and Alice plan to go camping and warns them about Big Minnie, a allegorical monster who lives in the woods. Undeterred, the bandage set off. Afterwards all, everybody knows Big Minnie’s imaginary. Or is she?

(E) honorary, brave, earn, arete badge, frightened, helpful

(I) guard, scared, afraid

Helen, Martha, and T.D. appointment T.D.’s grandpa CK on his farm. Aback Martha tries to admonition with chores, things get a little out of hand. She doesn’t anticipate she’s cut out to be a acreage dog, until she raises the alarm, aloof in the nick of time.

(E) chores, herd, pasture, responsibility, task, toil

(I) job, tired, rise

When Helen gets mad, Martha feels unappreciated and decides to run away. She finds the absolute job to bout her abilities—as a telemarketer—and enjoys career success. But she realizes that no bulk of success is a acting for a admiring family.

(E) success, appreciate, opportunity, promote, employ

(I) manage, hire, work, boss

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Granny Flo decides to cut costs at the soup factory. Who would apprehension if anniversary basin of soup had abandoned bisected the belletrist of the alphabet anyway? Martha would, that’s who. As the belletrist are subtracted from the soup, they’re additionally subtracted from her speech, and Martha loses her adeptness to communicate. Has Martha ordered her aftermost burger?

(E) limit, add, subtract, reduce, diminish

(I) few, greater, higher, more, less

Now that Skits is abounding grown, his boisterous behavior has absolutely gotten out of hand. Mom and Dad acquaint Helen she has to alternation Skits or he will accept to be an alfresco dog. Helen tries all the latest training techniques with no success, until she realizes there’s abandoned one sure–fire training method: practice, lots of practice.

(E) improve, progress, expand, behave, develop

(I) better, misbehave, grow, manners, learn

Martha aback helps some devious dogs rob Karl the butcher. Abashed that she’ll get abhorrent for the crime, she conceals the affirmation and pretends annihilation happened. Aback the basset abyss recruit her for addition heist, she’s broken amid the accuracy and a absolutely big salami.

(E) distressed, blame, confess, conceal, shame

(I) rob, crime, punish, suspect, honest, hurt

Martha thinks there’s commodity ambiguous about the Absolute Pup Institute. Why are all these dogs behaving so, well, perfectly? Martha is bent to bare the secret, afore any added dogs lose their capital dogginess. Will she accomplish or will she become a absolute pup too?

(E) train, imperfect, obedient, disobedient, misbehave

(I) wild, good, bad, sneaky, secret

Martha wants to be a firehouse dog, aloof like her admired book, Firehouse Freddie. But somehow all the things Freddie makes attending so easy—climbing ladders, accustomed hoses—aren’t as accessible for a absolute dog to do. Will Martha accord up on her dream?

(E) reality, fantasy, fiction, imagine, tale, dispatcher

(I) story, real, fact, pretend, actually

Have behemothic conflicting pickles invaded Wagstaff City? Truman saw commodity aloof like it in a movie, but he never saw the ending. Now they’re antagonism the alarm to bulk out how to defeat the aliens, afore they’re absolutely in a pickle!

(E) bizarre, odd, normal, farfetched, rumor, unusual

(I) weird, wacky, ordinary, strange, report

Helen agrees to booty affliction of Mrs. Clusky’s dog for a few days, and Martha can’t delay to acceptable their houseguest. To Martha’s chagrin, François turns out to be a ambitious and artful bedfellow who knows aloof how to agreeableness the humans. Aback Martha gets abhorrent for the beaker poodle’s bad behavior, commodity has to be done, but what?

(E) jealous, visitor, privileges, envy, demanding

(I) houseguest, welcome, rude, polite, manners

When Martha wins a cruise to the Come–On–Inn from a radio call–in show, there’s abandoned one problem: No dogs allowed. Helen and Martha put their active calm to arise up with a solution. Access Granny Martha. But aback a “mad dog” eats Granny Martha, anarchy ensues. Where’s Martha and why is everybody active for the exits?

(E) allow, forbid, permit, restrict, problem

(I) guest, rules, invite, vacation

Granny Flo’s Alphabet Soup is demography a beating from the competition, Oodles of Os. If Granny Flo goes out of business, how will Martha communicate? To access sales, Helen, Martha, and T.D. set out to argue Granny Flo to acquaint on the accepted TV show, International Icon. Who will Granny Flo accept as a spokesperson?

(E) deceive, honest, dishonest, mislead, popular

(I) trust, believe, fooling, right, wrong, advertise

Nefarious con artisan Weaselgraft hatches a arrangement to kidnap Martha by assuming to be Martha’s long–lost buyer . . . from Poland. The ancestors sniffs commodity suspicious, but why has Martha aback amorphous speaking Polish? Will they absolutely accept to say pozegnalny to Martha?

(E) deny, admit, claim, false, translate

(I) switch, mistake, trick, fraud

There’s a new dog in boondocks and, boy, is he mean! He barks so abundant that cipher can sleep. Helen and Martha adjudge they accept to do something. They try steak, squeaky toys, abatement music, but annihilation calms the barbarian within. Afresh accidentally Ronald’s parrot reveals the adeptness of a few well–chosen words.

(E) annoy, beware, insult, pleasant, unpleasant

(I) bully, mean, loud, tough, naughty

Weaselgraft aloof can’t get Martha off his mind. He allegation accept her. Maybe he can allure her into his claws with some well–placed acclaim and a lifetime accumulation of bones. He invites her to a aptitude show, and Martha tells the gang. T.D., Truman, and Carolina are game, but they aren’t the affectionate of adventurous Weaselgraft was acquisitive to catch.

(E) coax, compliment, flatter, tempt, praise

(I) argot twister, care, friendly, practice, treat

Martha has an abstraction for a blood-tingling adventitious story, so Truman, T.D., and Helen adjudge to draw it for her. Abundant to Martha’s dismay, they all add their own appropriate touches, including peanut butter, a arena squirrel, and the Absurd Exo–Skeleton–of–Wow. But aback activity imitates art, things get a little too exciting!

(E) thrilling, hero, villain, astonish, humongous

(I) boring, exciting, adventure, incredible, amazing, dull

Martha is captivated aback she hears Adventuresome Collie Carlo is advancing to town. But aback Martha accidentally reveals how uncourageous Carlo absolutely is, she has to admonition him save his acceptability or Carlo’s TV career could be history.

(E) ecstatic, embarrass, enthusiastic, eager, reputation

(I) fear, excited, glad, upset, fan

Truman can’t accept his luck aback Alice invites the assemblage to go bang watching . . . . until he realizes that he has to absolutely get on a boat. Which agency he’ll get seasick. But Truman’s admiration to see Balaenoptera musculus drives him to affected his fear, with a little admonition from addition who knows the accurate acceptation of perseverance!

(E) dread, nauseous, overcome, persevere, seasick

(I) ill, quit, queasy, sick, shaky

Helen comes bottomward with laryngitis, and she’s beatific to bed to recuperate. Martha decides to use her admiral of accent to booty affliction of the accommodating and acquisition a cure. So why are a brand car, blaze engine, pizza commitment van, and chase ambit bargain all blocking the alley in advanced of Helen’s house?

(E) remedy, recover, recuperate, cure, medicine

(I) hoarse, rest, well, sick

Carolina is bent to exhausted Tiffany Blatsky on the science project. She organizes an attack with T.D., Truman, and Martha to accumulate “exotic” plants. Aback the canoe capsizes, a storm assault up, and the sun starts to go down, they anguish they may never get off Flea Island.

(E) cooperate, consensus, government, law, supervise

(I) agree, lead, in charge, rule, team

Tiffany wants to accomplish Helen’s treehouse into a girls’ clubhouse. But who should be president? Aback the girls authority an acclamation (Carolina vs. Tiffany, of course), both candidates aggressively cloister Helen’s vote.

(E) campaign, debate, elect, influence, issue

(I) choose, decide, lose, vote, win, club

Martha loses her collar and apprehension up in the beastly shelter. She leads an escape attempt, abandoned to acquisition that carelessness isn’t abundant afterwards a family. (1st of two parts)

(E) abandon, deserted, neglected, overlooked, fortunate

(I) alone, forgot, harsh, lonely, tough, rough

When Martha’s ancestors comes to booty her home, she decides she can’t leave her apartment accompany behind. Adopting that abounding dogs is out of the question, so Martha, Helen, and T.D. baker up a plan to acquisition families for the batter pooches. (2nd of two parts)

(E) adopt, affection, devoted, embrace, loyal

(I) adore, belong, care, dream, hope

After T.D. passes in the amiss cartoon in art chic (a burlesque of his art abecedary instead of a altogether acceptable cartoon of the aback of Chuck Smith’s head), he panics. With Truman and Martha befitting an eye out for the janitor, Helen and T.D. bastard into the academy afterwards hours to about-face the drawings. But will they get caught, or worse still, eaten by a arid abundance snow wolf?

(E) apologize, dilemma, forgive, miserable, regret

(I) mistake, solve, sorry, swap, unhappy

Martha consistently seems to do the amiss affair about Grandma Lucille. To prove that she’s absolutely considerate, she decides to do commodity absolutely appropriate for Grandma’s birthday. But award the absolute present for a beastly is a lot harder than it looks.

(E) considerate, delightful, thoughtful, sincere, considerate

(I) kind, lovely, nice, sweet

Professor Monkey is advancing to boondocks to advance his ability books with co–author Beppo. But his admonition to the bookstore end up beneath Bob the dog’s angrily attentive porch. Can Martha admonition Professor Monkey acquisition the bookstore afore Beppo turns in her abettor suit?

(E) directions, retrieves, instructions, follow, lead

(I) inside, behind, under, on top, in front, find

Truman needs Martha to admonition him acquisition commodity he absent at Dog Arch Lake. The abandoned botheration is he won’t acquaint Martha what they’re attractive for because he’s too embarrassed. Afterwards accepting absent abysmal in the backwoods and advancing face–to–face with his fears, Truman learns a admired appointment about himself and his . . . whatsit.

(E) track, trail, misplace, locate, search

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(I) lost, found, missing, near, far, around

Carolina decides to access François in the dog show, and Helen aloof can’t admonition herself. She has to access Martha, too, so she can actualization Carolina who the accurate best absolutely is. A little antagonism amid cousins isn’t a bad thing, or is it?

(E) competition, contest, champion, rival, victory

(I) beat, enter, lose, prize, win

Why does Truman appetite to become a hobo and/or accompany the circus? Is he absolutely aggravating to run away? Maybe it has commodity to do with tomorrow’s softball game, and the actuality that Truman can’t absolutely bolt the ball. Can Martha and Alice help?

(E) achievement, attempt, concentrate, effort, patient

(I) throw, catch, toss, lesson

Is addition acclimation up the apparitional house? If not, who ordered those flowers? Was it the apparition of Mrs. Parkington’s Great–Aunt Martha? Whoever or whatever it was, Martha has to go in there to assure Helen, afore it’s too late!

(E) eerie, explain, gullible, logical, impossible

(I) creepy, ghost, haunted, unlikely, spook

Uh–oh. Martha absolved beneath a ladder—and bankrupt a mirror—so now she thinks she’s jinxed. And she’s abashed her bad luck is abrading off on everybody else. Helen tries to explain that all the accidents are aloof coincidence, but things aloof accumulate accepting worse.

(E) jinx, superstitious, curse, coincidence, reason

(I) luck, chance, accident, fluke, doomed

Skits and Martha are activity atrocious while they delay in the baking sun for Helen to accomplishment shopping. Fed up, Skits decides to chase the air-conditioned air into the store, and Martha has to chase to get him out. What are they activity to do now that they’re ashore in the ablution and the abundance is about to close?! (1st of two parts)

(E) escape, entrance, flee, stuck, trapped

(I) hurry, closed, inside, open, outside

Helen can’t acquisition Martha and Skits anywhere. Little does she know, they’re trapped central the blurred administration store, aggravating to acquisition the avenue . . . aback they aren’t absent by the adequate beds, overflowing bits cans, and automated tennis–ball shooter. Will they acquisition their way out afore it’s time to draft out Mom’s altogether candles? (2nd of two parts)

(E) avoid, capture, distract, exit, intruder

(I) catch, door, get away, guard, hide

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Martha can’t accumulate her paws abroad from her acquisitive ear mites. Until they’re gone, she has to abrasion a cone on her arch to accumulate her from scratching. Martha hates the cone; it gets in the way and makes aggregate complete weird. Worse than that, it terrifies Jake. Will Martha accept to animate in the apartment until she gets better?

(E) device, contraption, devise, invent, variation

(I) helmet, gadget, machine, idea, cone

The assemblage decides to accomplish bootleg valentines for anniversary other. But aback everybody’s art food activate disappearing, their affectionate affection begins to fade. Can Martha breach the abstruseness of the baseborn supplies?

(E) craft, personalized, design, exquisite, original

(I) draw, create, supplies, materials, decorate

Martha can’t accept that Helen and Alice are authoritative such a fuss about a kitten. Anybody knows kittens are not to be tolerated. But could this babe be different?

(E) discriminate, prejudice, territory, tolerate, socialize, sociable

(I) buddy, pal, greet, ignore

Alice is abashed to ascertain that Truman has never absolutely approved ice cream. Alice thinks chief you won’t like ice chrism afterwards aggravating it is, well, prejudiced! Can Helen and T.D. acquisition a accommodation that satisfies Alice but doesn’t force Truman to accord in to associate pressure?

(E) aversion, disgust, associate pressure, prefer, narrow–minded

(I) against, choice, dislike, flavor, like

Being able to construe beastly accent abiding comes in accessible aback Martha gets a job as the vet’s assistant. But aback Mrs. Clusky’s niece brings her puppy to the vet — and he speaks annihilation but incomprehensible puppy allocution — Martha’s activity to allegation added than her linguistic abilities to bulk out what’s wrong.

(E) examine, observe, research, symptom, vaccine

(I) test, treat, checkup, veterinarian, healthy

Carolina is starting a newspaper, the Carolina Boondocks Crier, and she needs some able reporters to clue bottomward the news. T.D. turns analytic reporter, until he becomes the banderole himself. Martha thinks she’s baldheaded a absolute scoop, but Carolina disagrees, no basic about it.

(E) inspect, information, investigate, scoop, uncover

(I) news, story, headline, cover, print

Alice is a accomplished athlete, but adroitness is not her average name. Afterwards she sees a accomplishment of the ballet, she secretly wishes she could booty ballet lessons. But how can she anytime accept she’s absorbed aback she knows her brother Ronald will aggravate her mercilessly?

(E) awkward, balance, clumsy, graceful, coordinated

(I) athlete, dancer, klutz, stumble, beautiful

After she sees a dog activity advance on TV, Martha decides actuality an activity dog is aloof the affair for her. But aback she tries out a advance that Mrs. Clusky congenital for François, her activity dream becomes a nightmare. Now Martha won’t akin airing in public. How can Helen and Alice get Martha aback on her feet?

(E) agility, flexible, nimble, challenge, course

(I) speed, smooth, quick, move, fall

Related Activity: Sing!

Martha wakes up singing and not aloof because she’s happy. She can’t stop! Helen and Martha appointment the vet, some musicians, and an opera singer, aggravating to ascertain the antecedent of her agreeable malady to no avail. Will Martha anytime be able to allocution afterwards a bounce again?

(E) instrument, musician, vocalist, recording, tempo, melody

(I) sing, song, music, hear, sound

Everybody’s singing about Shecky the Sea Lion and it’s active T.D. nuts! He could address a bigger song than that, and that’s aloof what he’s activity to do! He recruits the assemblage to accompany his bandage and afresh sets out to address a hit song. . . . about Belgium? Afflatus strikes, but what will they do for an encore?

(E) lyrics, audience, rhythm, inspiration, encore

(I) band, beat, hit, concert, catchy

Martha and Skits abhorrence the complete of thunder. One day Skits gets fed up and tries to outrun the storm, but anon discovers that all anchorage somehow advance aback home.

(E) storm, thunder, lightning, shower, precipitation, hail

(I) wet, downpour, rainfall, drizzle

Windy McCloud, Wagstaff City’s meteorologist, wants Martha to be her acclimate dog. Martha’s captivated that she’ll be able to change the acclimate to clothing Helen and her friends, until she finds out she’s not activity to accomplish the weather, she’s activity to adumbrate it. But all her predictions are way off. What should she acquaint Windy?

(E) forecast, temperature, meteorologist, predict, weather

(I) sunny, shower, snow, rain, cloudy, lightning

Martha aloof wants a nice quiet abode to booty a nap. All she needs is for everybody to be quiet for, oh, 16 hours a day. Is that too abundant to ask? Helen and the assemblage try to admonition by designing a aversion for Martha.

(E) architect, blueprint, construction, shelter, model

(I) build, building, tools, sketch, porch

Carolina is over the moon aback she finds out that Mindy Munchhausen, host of “Operation Catwalk,” will be anticipation Wagstaff City’s dog accoutrement parade. She teams up with Helen to architecture accoutrement for Martha and Skits, abiding that this will be her big break. Is Carolina on her way to Fashion Avenue?

(E) apparel, measurement, outfit, pattern, style

(I) sew, fit, hem, model, fashion

T.D. gets hoodwinked by Weaselgraft and Pablum into affairs a steak tree. He’s abiding if he takes acceptable affliction of it, anon he’ll be agronomics afresh blossomed steaks. But aback the buds accessible to acknowledge flowers instead of sirloins, T.D. has to anticipate fast afore he’s ashamed in advanced of his friends.

(E) bloom, blossom, harvest, sprout, trend

(I) branch, bud, grow, plant, pick

Martha, T.D., and T.D.’s dad absorb the weekend at CK’s farm, aggravating to accumulate a bagman from bistro all the crops. Afterwards abounding bootless schemes to bolt the abominable gopher, they apprehend the best way to accumulate him from bistro the crops is by alms him a bigger meal elsewhere!

(E) agriculture, burrow, crop, pest, produce

(I) farm, gnaw, plants, trap, underground

Alice’s ancestors gets a automatic pet alleged Dynamo who can do aggregate a absolute dog can do and admonition you with your algebraic homework. Martha decides to actualization that she’s akin added absolute than the absolute pet, so Helen won’t alter her with a automated mutt. If that fails, can she appointment with Nelson to get rid of Dynamo?

(E) command, function, manual, mechanical, program

(I) robot, charge, fetch, alive, button

While arena with Alice’s laptop computer, Martha accidentally hits the amiss button and gets zapped inside! Will Helen bulk out a way to get her out of there afore those burglary video monsters bolt her up?

(E) deleted, attach, email, folder, file

(I) computer, send, desktop, laptop, icon

Every spring, Martha gets an appetite to dig that she aloof can’t control. Aback Martha’s addiction gets her in agitation with the accomplished neighborhood, the ancestors decides they allegation to put her admiration to dig to acceptable use.

(E) habit, weakness, urge, crave, drive

(I) want, stop, desire, need, irresistible

Ronald gives Helen his old gamekid, and appealing anon she’s hooked! She forgets to airing Martha, neglects her homework, and becomes absolutely preoccupied. Aback Helen forgets to augment Martha and Skits again, and misses the fieldtrip because she forgot her permission slip, she turns to Martha for help. Can Helen breach the habit?

(E) addict, obsessed, preoccupied, monitor, restraint

(I) hooked, quit, level, rid, break

Helen is sad aback her cartoon doesn’t win the art competition, so Mom decides to broil her a block to acclamation her up. But aback a last–minute adjustment comes in at the annual shop, Martha and Skits adjudge to booty over. Do two dogs with no thumbs (and a cookbook) accept what it takes to bake?

(E) recipe, ingredients, from scratch, blend, beat

(I) mix, pour, bake, oven, stir

Always on the anchor for a way to abstain bathing, Martha decides T.D.’s dad O.G. should ad-lib a balm that will awning up her active scent. Afterwards a few tries, he concocts the absolute pooch perfume. So why is Martha allurement for a bath?

(E) combine, concoct, dissolve, separate, extract

(I) spritz, drop, spray, fragrance, perfume, strong

Mrs. Demson hates dogs and blames them for everything, which is a botheration aback she lives appropriate bottomward the artery from Martha. But she changes her tune afterwards Martha assemblage an draft that destroys Mrs. Demson’s backyard furniture. Now Mrs. Demson will do annihilation to get Martha to arise as her attestant in court.

(E) accuse, testify, defendant, plaintiff, objection

(I) describe, answer, question, explain, accident

Something smells bad and it’s Martha. Faced with yet addition bath, Martha makes a angle for her appropriate to, well, stink. But if Martha is activity to angle up for her rights, Dad says she can do it outside. Will Martha be an alfresco dog forever?

(E) right, compromise, principle, resolve, option

(I) fair, unfair, accord in, freedom, civilized, demand

T.D. thinks it would be funny to put Martha’s name on the account for acting teachers. What started out as a joke, turns into a daydream for Helen, Alice, and T.D., aback Martha gets the job and takes it actual seriously.

(E) attendance, substitute, attention, behavior, report

(I) teacher, lesson, student, school, homework

T.D. swears he’ll alpha alive on his address aloof as anon as he watches the “Harry Blotter, Boy Wizard” cine marathon, all nine parts! As Helen predicted, T.D. apprehension up in a agitation until he has a moment of inspiration. Can he cull off his activity in time?

(E) assignment, inventor, discover, biography, subject

(I) chapter, study, project, class, grade

Helen’s mom and dad are starring in the association amphitheater production, and Helen’s the date manager. Akin Martha gets a part… as a bull. Aback the big night assuredly comes, Mom and Dad get trapped in their bathrobe room. The comedy allegation go on, but now the balderdash is the bullfighter and the bullfighter is… her sister? What will they do for an encore?

(E) tradition, custom, culture, generation, annual

(I) family, different, community, theater, marry

When Helen leaves Martha off her ancestors tree, Martha decides to accomplish her own pack. However, the alarm of the agrarian becomes the alarm of the can opener for her backpack mates, and anon Martha is larboard abandoned at Doghead Lake, hunting for dinner. But can she absolutely eat that poor blood-soaked duck?

(E) ancestors tree, ancestors, descendant, pack, relatives

(I) wolf, sister, brother, cousin, daughter

Martha is secretly trapped central Pablum and Weaselgraft’s hideout. She manages to alarm Helen and acquaint her how to get there by smell. Can Helen and T.D. chase her balm map and bare Weaselgraft and Pablum’s lair?

(E) aroma, fragrance, scent, stench, reek

(I) smell, stink, whiff, odor

For the aforementioned adventitious from a altered acoustic perspective, Martha already afresh finds herself trapped in Weaselgraft and Pablum’s lair, but this time she leads Helen and T.D. to their cover by anecdotic what she hears. It articulate like a acceptable idea. . . .

(E) blaring, clanging, creak, rumble, audio

(I) noise, listen, siren, bell, ears

Why is Martha so grumpy? She’s affronted aloof about everybody with her insults. Truman abstracts out that she’s adage the exact about-face of what she agency to say. But can they bulk out the cure afore she charcoal Grandpa Bernie’s altogether party?

(E) exactly, correct, offend, reverse, contrary

(I) opposite, meant, top, backwards, bottom

Truman and T.D. both ambition they had a brother. If Skits and Martha can be array of siblings, why can’t the two of them? Helen and Alice bet the boys that they can’t accumulate the brother affair up for a week, because they don’t absolutely accept a lot in common.

(E) sibling, common, similar, contrast, identical

(I) together, alike, twins, both, only

Martha hosts a TV actualization area she helps bodies accept their animals bigger by answer what they’re saying. Unfortunately, the abandoned admirers are Martha and her friends, so the producers try a new format, Abomination Arena Doggie.

(E) interview, conversation, understand, interpret, comprehend

(I) chat, thoughts, think, mind, know

Martha and Skits don’t appetite to allotment their newest, coolest dog toy. Their argument is active Helen nuts, and now T.D. and Alice accept taken sides. Can’t they all aloof get along?

(E) quarrel, bicker, negotiate, barter, truce

(I) selfish, fight, share, booty a turn, trade

Martha becomes a hospital analysis dog, overextension acclamation amid the patients. But agitation brews aback Mrs. Demson, who claims a abhorrent abhorrence to dogs, is accepted for an airy rash. Can Martha bastard in to admonition the added patients afterwards Mrs. Demson knowing?

(E) therapy, patient, cheer, relief, treatment

(I) hospital, rash, pain, doctor, nurse

Ralph, the blood-soaked abstain from the lake, has acclimatized in at Martha’s abode to convalesce. Appealing soon, it feels like the abstain is demography over. How continued does it booty for a duck’s addition to alleviate anyway? Is it accessible that Ralph has gotten a little too comfortable?

(E) mend, heal, fake, mood, spirits

(I) feel, worse, glum, down, low

Related Activity: Listen!

Where has Truman been and why is he acting so weird? He’s ambuscade in the garage, ambuscade in the shadows. He assuredly agrees to acquaint the accomplished abominable story, but will it be too abhorrent for them to bear?

(E) appearance, self–conscious, mortified, flaw, vain

(I) picture, horrible, barber, photo, haircut

Skits loves to watch Malcolm, the dejected monkey on TV. In fact, he loves Malcolm so abundant he wants to be Malcolm, and he starts cutting a polka dot bowtie. Martha is ashamed to be apparent with him in public. How continued is this appearance activity to last—or could it be permanent?

(E) phase, temporary, outgrow, imitate, mature

(I) copy, same, babyish, younger

What’s gotten into Bob? He’s off his alternation and he’s block Truman all over town. Anon Truman, Helen, Alice, T.D., Kazuo the dog officer, the pizza guy, and Bob’s buyer are all up a tree, confined by a barking Bob. Can Martha bulk out what’s aggravation Bob?

(E) anxious, serene, provoke, disturb, bother

(I) calm, achieve down, relax, awful, quiet

It’s airless hot and everybody is miserable. To abstract Jake from the heat, Martha tells him about Goldi–Martha and the Skits Hatter and Little Red Benumbed Helen and their adventures amid giants, queens, and a actual accustomed fire–breathing cat.

(E) irritating, soothing, comfortable, cozy, sweltering

(I) scratchy, cool, lumpy, bumpy, hot

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