The economic sector

Ninevah was famous for its tread center because of it geographical site as the Nurtherin gate of Iraq as well as placed between the east and west that achieved agood role in trade by transporting goods inside and outside Iraq.Ninevah was famous for its rain lines that combined between Syria,Turky and Europe as well as the train lines that combined Ninevah with Syria and Turky to the rest of Iraq .Ninevah lies about llo kilometer to Turkish boader and Syrian boader that was simply why it became useful to Iraq. Mousl was and it still the center of producing grains as well as many crop and vege tabeles in Iraq so they used to call mosul the basket of bread of Iraq .Agriculture increased in Ninevah after Mousl and AL_Zab rivers so they planted corn and cotton as well as . In Ninevah there are many treasures like oil ,Sulphur,time,that makes the city more important to the world markets .There are more than 2000 facilities in Ninevah .(industrial and commercial)