The sector of Archaeological,Heritage and Endowments

The Gate of traces and heritage this includes the history of human begins of the north part of Iraq as well as ninevah that belongs to lithic era.the first villages that moved the human begins from the stage of collecting food to the stage of production .in ninevah the most important village at that time was"Hasona" wich found many tools and agricultural stuffs that belong to 7500 B.C .as well as the villages of "Arbagia,Meghzalia and Yarim Taba". During the old historical ages Ninevah becam the cradle of civilization east of [Dijla]. Tigris river that penetrate the center of Mousl city [The center of Ninevah].Hatra revealed at westt south of Mousl city .After the Islamic conquest of Mousl at 16 Hijra(637)c Increased importance of cultural and numerous denominations Because of its strategic location and excellent economy of water resources and soil fertility Given the importance that has gained the attention of Mosul and its surroundings, the caliphs and rulers